Sports bar showing English football near to your stadium

  • Hello,

    We are 4 English fans visiting next weekend for your game against Erzgebirge Aue.

    We're back in Berlin for the Beer Festival, returning after a great time last year. Our team Stoke City play the same day against Leeds, the game kicks off straight after your game at 5.30pm and is shown on Sky Sports in the UK.

    We are wondering if there could be any sports bars that might show the game nearby? I've found a few Irish bars showing the game in Central Berlin, in particular the Kilkenny Pub at Hackescher Markt, as it's near our hotel, but I'm not sure how soon we'll get back after your game.

    Is there anywhere else?

    Any help or advice is appreciated!


  • Here are every Bars with SkySports in Köpenick nearly the stadium.

    First of all, called "Abseitsfalle" ist the bar from Unionfans for Unionfans.

    The next that I knew is the "Cöp" Bahnhofstr. and in the shoppingmall "Forum Köpenick" is a small bar in the first floor who shows Sky sport when the german leagues playing.

    But I don't know if anyone transmits the PL because their Televisionrights are quite expensive.

    Have fun at union!




    Ich spreche fließend ironisch und das mit sarkastischem Akzent.

    Bitte nicht knuddeln, ich habe Liebkose-Intoleranz

  • Thank you very much for your help.

    I have contacted "Abseitsfalle" on Facebook and they will be showing a summery of your game and the German league after the game. It seems like the best plan maybe to head back to central Berlin and miss at least the first half of our game.

    Abseitsfalle said while we are welcome, that you have also had issues with Leeds and QPR fans recently and I got a bit of an anti-English vibe, they sent me the photo of their poster "keep calm and leave the EU" :D

    Is it safe? We just want to come for a good time, to experience a German League game (we have seen Stoke play friendlies in Koln, Hamburg and Leipzig in recent years but it would be nice to experience a league game) I saw videos of your fans at QPR yesterday and the atmosphere was brilliant!

    While I am here, I just want to ask about the S-bahn. we are coming from Alexanderplatz/ Hackescher Markt I know we need to take S3 line but now I see that between Ostkreuz & Kopenick we need to take the S3 / S3X bus? Is this correct? Is there a better route?

    Thank you again.

  • Perhaps can Moppi use his connections, and persuade COE to show your match ? ;)

    I personally avoid the "Falle" since about 10 years, and you shouldn't waste your time, money and health there .

    Probably is Mitte the best solution :/ Though Friedrichshain is much nearer, and could perhaps be an alternative ?

    Try here or here ;) Much luck, and enjoy your visit a.d.AF 8o

  • The Abseitsfalle is essentially safe and away fans are welcome, provided they don't act the giddy goat. If you come in all shouty and aggressive like the QPR fans did then you can expect words (in much the same way as would happen if a bunch of German fans came storming in to a Stoke pub on matchday).

    There is building work on the S-Bahn next week so it's a replacement bus service (just to make you boys feel right at home!) between Köpenick and Ostkreuz, after which you can travel further into town on the normal S-Bahn. As an alternative route you could take the S-Bahn to Schöneweide and then the 60 tram from there, only one change, maybe 10 minutes longer but possibly less stress. Choice is yours.

    Can't comment really on where to watch the game, even pubs with UK Sky may not put Stoke vs Leeds on. For your situation I would maybe try the Kilkenny directly in the S-Bahn Hackescher Markt. As a pub it's an expensive sack-of-shit tourist trap ("Cold hearts, warm beer") but they will at least be showing the game according to their website. If you get off sharpish after the Union game you may not miss a great deal.

    If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Union in English website:

    Enjoy your trip!

  • The alternative route in 44mins is from alexanderplatz with undergroundline 5 to Elsterwerdaer Platz and change to bus X69 to köpenick station and follows the other fans.

    Or another choice:

    Ask user "tazunioner" for freeplaces on a boat with unionfans that runs in 2 hours to mecklenburger dorf nears the stadium.

    When you used the trams. They runs every 20mins to the stadium that opened at two o clock.

    From one o clock the trams to be fulled from schöneweide.




    Ich spreche fließend ironisch und das mit sarkastischem Akzent.

    Bitte nicht knuddeln, ich habe Liebkose-Intoleranz

  • Thank you all for your help and advice, it's very much appreciated. A few options to consider.

    I think for the Stoke game we are just better off heading to the Kilkenny pub as it's the only place we know are definitely showing it. We certainly won't be making a habit of visiting Irish bars or similar, it's needs must to watch the game. We are coming for great German beer, traditional food and new experiences.

    Really looking forward to visiting and coming to watch your team!

  • In Berlin Mitte (Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz) there is also a "Belushi's".

    Btw. we had plenty pints in a Belushi on our QPR trip last weekend in London. It was quite nice! :beer

    Enjoy your trip!

    "Das Glück begünstigt den Mutigen."

    Cpt. B. Sisko

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  • Just to let you know we had a great time at your game yesterday, it was a great end to a brilliant few days in Berlin! Getting to and from the stadium using the replacement bus was easy enough, we had stopped at Warschauer on the way to the game to visit the East Side Gallery.

    I love your stadium, the fans and the atmosphere was brilliant both before and afterwards. I love the drinking outside and relaxed atmosphere, that's not something you would find in England, as is drinking during the game! (actually against the law in England!)

    Unfortunately (or fortunately ) we didn't see the Stoke game, we going to head to Kilkenny Irish Bar but by the time we got back it was already into the 2nd half and we were already 3-1 down!

    Good luck for the season! I will be keeping my eye on Union Berlin scores and definitely want to come back for another game one day!

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