Tickets for Hoffenheim

  • Hi,

    I will be in Berlin in December. I am hoping to go to your match against Hoffenheim on the 17th.

    There are no tickets on your club's website at the moment, will they become available closer to the match? I am only looking for two tickets.

    Congratulations on your derby win against Hertha tonight. My club St Patrick's Athletic from Ireland were knocked out of the 2008 UEFA Cup by Hertha so it was great to see you win.

    Thanks! :schal:

  • Sorry mate, there will be no tickets in the home fans area sold to the public. Only club members can buy a lot and if they're lucky, they might win and be able to buy a ticket.

  • An alle Unioner im Südwesten der Republik: Hoffenheim verkauft seit heute Morgen im freien Verkauf (max. 5 Tickets pro Person) an ihrem Stadion.

    Weiß nicht, ob es einen geteilten Gästeblock geben wird, aber falls jemand da unten ist: da könnten sich die, die ohne Losglück waren, evtl noch eindecken...