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    the problem we have here is most Irish people support English/Scottish Football!

    - absolutely agree mate shame more people don't follow there local clubs, mine's Farsley Celtic in Leeds and it's a great crack craic but only a hardcore of around 300 attend. Big games get more obviously and last season in the conference (even though we got whipped a lot) was great with BIG local derbies against Halifax, York City et al

    Hi Corker, for me it was meeting a Union fan (Sir Tom Finney) at Inter Bratislava v Dubnica in the Slovak 1st Division. Apart from the fact he's one of the most genuine friendly blokes I've ever met and invited us to stay with him and watch Union, the deal was sealed when I saw the red n white stripes (i'm a Sunderland fan by trade) and I love the ground and have met so many decent people down there, the sausages piss all over the british ones as of course does the beer. Going to a Unnion home match reminds me of watching Sunderland in the late 80's the football's not nessesarily very good but it cheap, you can stand and you always have a laugh. My mate and me have been back three times to watch games and touch wood they haven't lost yet (3 wins, 1 draw)

    So as I say with Sunderland, I didn't choose Union... THEY chose me!

    By the way, I went to Cork last year with the team I play for a few days after Sunderland played a pre-season friendly. We all went down to Turner's Cross and saw City play Sligo Rovers, it was Roy O Donavans last game before he signed for Sunderland. We had the craic in Cork anyway.

    So what's your Union connection?

    I have indeed beein to see Union live (I couldn't watch them on tv in England, not until they are Bundesliga!)
    My best mate and me visit Sir Tom Finney every now and again after we met him ground hoping in Bratislava a few years ago. I think we've been over four times and seen Union win three and draw once (against Erfurt this season - photos here Union v Rot-Weiss Erfurt

    We love the Alte Forsterei too, I'm glad they're not moving, it'll be interesting to see what the newly built stands will look like is there artist drawings anywhere of what it will look like?

    I'll ask me mate about The Hawks see what he thinks of 'em!

    My girlfriend is Czech. BTW The ich bin ein berliner quote is what Kennedy mistakenly said (isn't it). It means I am a (type of) cake or something. Who's your AFL team? I have an Aussie mate over here who's a Swans fan not that I know owt about Aussie Rules.

    G'day to you too mate. Think of it as motivation to learn German. I'm currently learning Czech so it may be a while mind. What's your Union connection then Aussie?

    A person who has not studied German can form no idea of what a perplexing language it is. Surely there is not another language that is so slipshod and systemless, and so slippery and elusive to the grasp. (M. Twain)


    He obviously hadn't been to Yorkshire.