Union Hertha game

  • Hello,

    Last year I moved to Berlin and got my Mitgleiderschaft at your beautiful club. Now i finally managed to get a ticket tru the lottery for the home game against Hertha. Im standing in Block M. Are there any recommendations on bars around the area of the stadium to meet up with some Union fans. (Sadly enough my friends werent as lucky as i am, and im not gonna support the blackmarket crazy prices so going alone)

    Thanks for the tips in advance!

  • my Mitgleiderschaft at your beautiful club

    I think it is also your club now, isn't? I am happy to give you a tour around in December, were securing tickets should be more smoothly anyway and I have some English speaking supporters with me. However, you can also ping me here at the match day and we meet up somewhere and I introduce you to some bits if you like.

    As for bars, there is the "Abseitsfalle", it has some tradition as "the" bar of the club, it is right next to the ground. Others will be will be around the "Hauptmann" at the S-Bahn station Köpenick or at the "Tanke" which is along the way from the staion to the ground. You can also have a walk around the old town of Köpenick, there are some really cozy options too, and from the old town to the ground you pass the Coe, a very popular pub among supporters.

  • I wasn't quite impressed by the English posts on the official page so far.

    And then, this:


    The first Bundesliga derby between Union and Hertha lived up to the billing. Tempers may have flared in the stands, but Union held their nerve to win in dramatic fashion.

    I am wondering if someone is still super proud, .... and constantly giggling about their master piece.

  • Reklame:
  • Pardon me, I´m working at a very small laptop at the moment and didn´t see that this post was in the English section. Mea culpa!

    Nevertheless it was quite funny, given the situation you weren´t at the game on saturday.

    "Careful choose your words!"

    Pfeife nie die eigene Mannschaft aus.

    Gehe nie vor Abpfiff aus dem Stadion.

    Mache niemals einen aus dem Team zum Sündenbock.

    Heiserkeit ist der Muskelkater der Unioner.

  • Hello! I'm trying to find a long-time Union fan, who would like to speak with me about their passion for the team, and someone who went to the derby against Hertha in November and is going again in March. I'm a journalist from the U.S. writing a brief story about the Union vs. Hertha games for a BBC co-production in the U.S. called "The World" ( Normally I live in Berlin and could find a fan there, but I had to fly to the U.S. for two months and am now in a complicated situation. I had found a super fan at the November derby but I can no longer reach him, so I'm going to need to interview another fan over the phone. Would anyone like to share their story with me? If you could please send me an email we can find a time to chat more about this via WhatsApp. My email is vzaragovia (@) gmail (.) com. Thank you!!