• Hello from the UK! I have only just seen into the world of Union Berlin after a recent transfer to my own football team, Huddersfield Town. I'm sure many of you are aware that we signed Collin Quaner, a fine acquirement. I had never heard of him before the signing, so was very intrigued to find out about his past career and inevitably came across 1. FC Union Berlin. I have done much research into your club and I must say, I am absolutely blown away. Your club is amazing! A football club, which has been built by fans, for fans. I recently watched a video on YouTube about Union by a channel called Coppa90 that opened my eyes about this team. This is what football is about! Without a doubt, outside the UK and my team Huddersfield Town, Union is my second team 100%! I am trying hard to access some Union games on TV in my country, however, the only Bundesliga provide in my country, BT Sport really focuses on Bundesliga One... meaning a 2. Bundesliga game is hard to come by, never mind a Union game specifically! If you see some of our Huddersfield Town fan videos on YouTube, you will see we are adapting to the German style of football both on and off the pitch. In fact, our chairman was voted best in the UK! We are building a blue and white wall, of course, where we sing and dance and wave a lot of flags, like Union and many other german clubs for that matter!

    Most people in my country however, if at all interested in German football, only really follow teams in the highest league, but as a supporter of second tear football myself (Championship), I realize much of the great football is played in the lower leagues. With Collin Quaner, I hope that Huddersfield can reach the promised lands of the Premier League, as well as this i also hope Union Berlin reach the lands of the Bundesliga! We have acquired many fantastic German players over the last 7 months. Michael Hefele, Kachunga, Lowe, Schindler and now of course, Quaner. I am certain some of you must have heard of David Wagner. He produces highly exciting football, and for me, is the best manager I have ever seen at Huddersfield Town.

    Anyway, I hope to keep track of progress made by Union Berlin, as in my eyes, they certainly deserve to go up! Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions about my club, Huddersfield town, please do so and I will answer my best!

    Thank you all, and best of luck to Union for the remainder of the season! Let's do it! :D

    (Translated from: Greetings from United Kingdom! :) (Grüße aus Großbritannien!) where google made a pigs ear of my translation)

  • Nice one UnionHuddersfield! I liked your first post and understood it in any case. I bet most people could understand it. People like grumbling here in Berlin, it is a bit like Yorkshire in that way, ha ha!

    I am Burnley fan myself but to be honest I fell a bit out of love with the game in England for obvious reasons (ticket prices and lack of atmosphere for a start) but everything what you wrote about Union is true. Since moving to Germany I have really got back into going on the games and I see a few English here as well who always seem dead enthusiastic. Great club and great fans.

    Really hope you too can get promoted this year. I was well-pleased that you gave Leeds a good drubbing the other week anyway!

    As for Colin Quaner, he is a bit of an enigma but has potential. He spent a season here just warming the bench and not really making an impression, then he was on fire for around six weeks at the start of the season and looked like one of the best players ever! I still can not work out where that came from but it is obvious he can really play if you get the best out of him. I hope it works out for you in any case.

  • indeed yes, always great to get a victory over your annoying neighbours. Shut them up for sure hehe.

    thankfully Huddersfield is one of the few clubs to start recognising that without fans football is nothing and everything is becoming much better. We have a supporters organisation and a group called NSL, which always creates a quality atmosphere for the players and I am proud to be a member of that group. Making plenty of noise and having a great time!

    I hope that that when I have some free time I will be able to come to Berlin and watch a match of Union! I think I am really falling for this club!

    ... but Huddersfield will always take my cake ;)

  • I am trying hard to access some Union games on TV in my country, however, the only Bundesliga provide in my country, BT Sport really focuses on Bundesliga One... meaning a 2. Bundesliga game is hard to come by, never mind a Union game specifically!

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    Berlin is brilliant to visit , very affordable to say it's a capital city and the people are really friendly.....well worth nipping over :beer

    From a fellow Yorkshireman :schal:

  • Bit late to the party on this thread. Agree with the comments re C.Q. Was a benchwarmer mostly last season and on the occassions he appeared, never gave the impression of anything special to come. Having lost prolific scorer Bobby Wood to Hamburg in the close season, he was a revelation. I was slightly surprised when he gained a move to Huddersfield, but Wagner is a smart coach and obviously saw potential.

    For obvious reasons, I don't wish Huddesfield too much luck in automatic promotion :rolleyes: (unless at the expense of Newcastle). However, I really hope they can come up through the play offs. Of all the other teams in the zone, for me its a no brainer. I was back last November and saw one game. Atmosphere at games in England at the higher level is so flat. I enjoy my football at Union way more. My team are looking well placed for a Premier League place next season. To be honest, I'm a little bit 'meh' about the whole idea.

    Occasionally, Bundesliga 2 is shown on BT. I'm told the Union - Havover game was shown live pre Christmas. Another option to watch Union games without resorting to 'what I'm told' *ahem* are less than legal streams - Open an account with Bet 365 and watch games there. The screen will be tiny but better than nothing.

    Changing subject - If anyone hears of a ticket for Aue on Wednesday, please message me. :) I was too slow off the blocks. My fault. I've also posted in the 'suche karte' section.